Saturday, June 19, 2010

if I never have a day like this, it would be too soon

The day began innocently enough...

Earlier this week, Little M had his 2-month well baby check. I had Big M with me, while J & K were at summer camp. Little M's check-up was great. He went from 10.4 lbs a month ago to 13.6 lbs! The doctor said, "Whoa. That's quite a weight gain!" Um hmm. This after telling me last month to pump, supplement, etc because baby's weight wasn't good enough. I didn't tell him that if Little M is anything like this sisters and brother, he would be humongous. Just the night before, Daddy and I were betting on how much Little M now weighs. I said about 12.5 lbs, and Daddy said about 13.5.

The nurse marveled at Little M's happy temperament. He was laying on the table with Big M standing next to him talking to him. You can tell just by looking at Little M's big smiley face that he knows he's talking to someone familiar. He coo'd and smiled and grinned at his big brother. When the nurse came to talk to Little M, she got a smile too. She asked how old he was again, and when I told her he's only 2 months she was impressed. She said usually they are only starting to smile at this point, but only occasionally.

When the visit was done and we were about to walk out of the office I got a call from the girls' school. J had her head turned while still walking and bumped her head on a foosball table. The teacher gave her ice but minutes later, her eye swelled up. Now the teacher wasn't so sure of what happened anymore and she said she would feel better if I came and took a look. So we headed there. It was a shock to see J's eye, but she didn't seem in pain. Under her lower lid was a little blood, so I decided to take her to the doctor, still with Big M and Little M in tow. Now Daddy was worried when I told him what was going on.  Thankfully, the doctor didn't think her eye was injured, but told me to keep an eye and watch for any behavioral changes and vomiting. I decided not to take her back to school.

Now with 3 kids with me, we headed to the new house and spent a little time there while the kids played on the outdoor playset. A little bit of time passed when I got another call from school saying K bumped heads with a friend though she's fine. They are just required to call parents when there is an injury above the neck. I didn't go into a panic this time. All of Big M's bumps had prepared me for that. But nonetheless, I'm thinking what next?

After lunch, we picked up K from summer camp and headed back to the rental in time for J and Big M to nap (K napped at school). After 15 minutes of relative quiet, I got a call from school saying they need me to sign a form for school for J's injury. Since they forgot to make me sign at carpool, the teacher was going to drop by the house. Well, while on the phone, out came Big M from his room with a bloody face. I hung up the phone, put the baby down and rushed Big M to the bathroom. He had a nose bleed, though you'd think there had been a crime judging from all the blood on his face, hands, and his bed!

During all this hoopla, Little M's shots (he got 4) finally caught up to him and he was cranky and sore.

By 3pm, I was ready to crash! I couldn't wait for day to end.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the giggler

Little M continues to experiment with his giggling ability by laughing at his big brother. He got a little scared at the end though, when Big M made an angry sort of noise.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

cooing and smiling

We are all thoroughly enjoying the little cooing and smiling Little M is doing when someone talks to him. It doesn't really matter if someone he doesn't know talks to him, he smiles anyway. He is getting bigger and heavier, too.

Night nursing is down to 2. He cries, I put him next to me in bed and then he nurses and we both fall asleep until the next time. During the day, he nurses between 2-3 hours, which I don't mind. I just wish he would sleep for long stretches! Other days, he doesn't sleep for very long unless I'm holding him, and then other days, I can put him in his bassinet and he sleep for an hour or so.

He also has some cradle cap, but I think it's worst than a cradle cap. Some spots on his scalp is constantly oozing, so he's constantly crusty. Hopefully the doctor can give him something next week for his 2-month appointment.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a happy, bouncy party

The girls' party was a inflatable bouncy place. It was a private party, so it was only our guests that were playing at that time. It was a small party, and everyone had fun. Some parents even got in on the action.

J tripped on something shortly after we arrived there and she moped after that. We worried that she wasn't going to have fun, but thankfully, after a little while she finally starting bouncing again. K was all over the place and even disappeared for a little while. Big M was the oldest/biggest kid there and he set his sights on the teen party host and played with her for the most part.

After an hour of playing, we were ushered to a private room where the girls had their cake. Unfortunately, I don't have a video of that due to a senior moment. I thought I had the camera, when it wasn't. And when I turned it off, it was actually on. So instead of having a video of the girls blowing their cakes, I have a video of the floor and the wall and whatever the camera pointed on.

We had a Dora/Diego cake for everyone, and two Dora mini cakes for the girls so they each had a cake and candles to blow.

Everyone had fun!


I almost forgot... J is wearing Blue, K is wearing Pink.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the twins are 3 years old!

The girls celebrated their birthday quietly. I didn't even get to do their pancakes until the end of the day when everyone was home. But the important thing is that they enjoyed blowing the candles. Their party was the next day; pictures will follow. Though I have to apologize to the girls about not capturing blowing their candles at the party because Mommy had a senior moment. The camera didn't turn on when I tried to start recording. And when I thought I turned it off, was when it actually turned on.

[flickr video=4678800705 show_info=true w=460 h=345]

[flickr video=4679434212 show_info=true w=460 h=345]

Saturday, June 5, 2010

we've grown by one more!

I haven't posted in this blog for a while because our family has grown by one more. I no longer have three silly ducklings, but four stubborn monkeys.

If you'd like to know how they are growing up and what kind of mischief they are continually getting into, please visit us here

pre-k graduation pictures

The graduation was a big secret of the pre-k class. Everyday they rehearsed and we hear no peep about it from Big M, except that they were rehearsing. So the graduation was completely new to all the parents, which made it all the more special.

Everything about it was presented by the someone in the class, including the speech, though the director did have a short one bragging about the students' tests scores being the top in the country. *ahem*

The students read their speeches, presented on some of the things they've learned, and presented their talents in singing and dancing. Because we had no clue as to the specifics of the program, I did miss capturing on video Big M's presentation of "6+4 = 10". He went to the mic so fast, and presented his poster so fast I missed it. His voice was so big and booming everyone had a chuckle. A big and booming voice...remind you of someone? Along with his poster presentation, he was also awarded the "Next Picasso" achievement award for being such a good artist.

The students sat in the front in their red cap and gown. Daddy and I had a good chuckle at how Big M constantly fidgeted.

Of course everyone was there, including Little M. He fussed for just a little bit, so Daddy had to play "Mommy" while Mommy played photographer.

Daddy and I are very truly proud of this little man.


Friday, June 4, 2010

'tonight's gonna be a good, good night..."

My little man is growing up. He had his pre-k graduation on Tuesday and it was so much fun to watch. I have a lot of videos but I have only uploaded this one so I'm going to go ahead and share it.

The class has been rehearsing for graduation for months and the whole thing was kept hush hush. I would have never known what they would be doing, except last week when this song came on the radio in the car, I heard Big M singing with it. We haven't really heard it enough to know the words, but he was singing with the song and doing hand motion. I asked how he knew it, but all he told me was that it was a secret. :)