Friday, November 30, 2007

Wiggle Worms

Is it my mommy brain playing tricks on me? I could have sworm they were facing the same way when I put them down to sleep.

Katie (in white) , you're such a wiggle worm!

Being Artistic

Eight hours in pre-school where I'm sure he paints and what does he want to do when he gets home? He wants to paint some more. Son, Daddy and I dubbed you the Energizer Bunny (you keep going and going and going...) when you were a baby and to this day, you still are.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Up Close and Personal

Nothing much has happened this past few days, so here are close up pictures of the twins.

Here is Katie with as many fingers as she can put in her mouth. Unlike Big Bro, she and her sister prefer fingers to pacifiers. Notice the red rash around her mouth from all the drooling. (By the way, Big Bro has been paci-free for almost 2 weeks. Good riddance!)

This is Jojo, who is looking more and more like Katie because her cheeks are filling out nicely. She is still 2 lbs behind Katie a month ago, but as they get bigger, the 2-lb difference is becoming more and more negligible.
They will get their ears pierced soon (probably within the next month), so Daddy and I looking for gold studs (one yellow and one white gold). But it is turning out to be a not-so-easy task. They are also getting closer and closer to eating solid foods. MMmmmm, brocolli. Maybe we can entice Big Bro to eat veggies, too....and Daddy, too! Shyaah.

Monday, November 26, 2007


This is what happens when mommy is busy on the laptop and daddy is busy in the office and there are Curious George and Shrek bandaids lying around.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkey Coma

I wonder if there is a truth to the Turkey Coma. What do you think?

Being Social on Thanksgiving Day

Jojo was quite the social creature this Thanksgiving holiday. She just ate up the attention and smiled at everyone. You wouldn't know it with this picture, though. I pointed the camera at her and she got busy pouting her pretty little lips.

Katie, posing prettily in her burgundy dress, was quite the opposite. She studied everyone's faces and reserved her smile for mommy only. She has perfected a worried look about her, though it is not evident on this shot.

The girls taking advantage of the available free arms. Jo is quite animated, while Katie studies her Nana's face.

Checking Out the Ponies with Nana

Matty had a lot of fun looking at the Ponies with Nana.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Trip

The trip to see the family normally takes 3 1/2 hours and in fact, it took us that long. The planets alligned perfectly and the trip was smooth and stress-free.

Daddy drove the entire time.
Matty refused to nap for the first hour because he wanted to see Nana and Papaw. He finally fell asleep without any fuss after an hour. Though we did have to have an emergency stop at the side of the road to make a pit stop. Daddy was a little worried we may get arrested, but hey, who have ever heard of a bladder of a 2-year old listening to such logic.

Jojo was content to just stare at something that the window. I don't quite know what it was, but hey, as long as she's happy, we're all happy.

Katie just found a comfy position and got some zzzzz's.
Me? What did I do? I wanted to catch some zzzzz's but Matty had other ideas and demanded that I be on his beck and call until he fell asleep. I didn't mind. It was a stress-free, F-word free trip. Everyone is happy, who could ask for more.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Goodbye, Paci!

The Paci Wizard visited Matty on Saturday and took all his pacifiers away, but he did leave him a Cars sticker book. It was a bit lame, so the Paci Wizard promised to return another day and give him a big boy toy. Matty requested a Deigo helicopter.

A few days later, the Wizard returned and surprised Matty with the helicopter and a Diego boat. It's day 4 of being paci free and so far so good. Though Daddy might say otherwise. Matty has been anti-daddy since the disappearance of the paci. Coincidence? We may never know.

The Boys Against The Girls

The Boys terrorizing the Girls.

Mommy didn't join in to even the odds, but it seems the girls would need to train a bit more. I hear twins attack together. One from the front, and the other from the back. I would sleep with one eye open if I were you, boys.

Jojo & Katie

If you can't tell them apart, don't worry. Neither can we! Jojo is filling up her cheeks nicely that we often do not realize who were holding until we look closely. But don't worry, girls. We've never switched you. Katie is Katie and Jojo is Jojo...or did Katie become Jojo and Jojo become Katie? Oh no! Well, you're identical so it's alright. Right?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Child Labor

It is almost Thanksgiving and we've just only taken our Halloween decorations away. Wait. Did I say we? I meant Matty. Do you think we're breaking any child labor laws 'round this here part?

Notice the dead grass and compare it to the oh so luscious green grass over yonder. Oh Matty, the chores that await you when you grow up.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Three Musketeers

On a lazy afternoon, when there's nothing else to do, what better way to amuse ourselves then to get on Big Bro! Especially when he's busy watching Diego.

Big Bro hardly notices!

Except when Katie started pulling his hair. But the great Big Bro that Matty is, he just takes it. Perhaps because it's 2 against 1? Wait, I thought it was one for all and all for one?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Three Stages of Matty

September 2005 - aspiring to be a centerfold

September 2006 - on a pretense of being angelic, but notice Koby barricading herself

October 2007 - a pro at puzzles and still mischeivous.

Matty comes up with the funniest things everyday. It seems like just yesterday he was a chubby rolly polly baby who cried loudly whenever he didn't get his way. Wait. He is still this way! But definitely a lot funnier, a lot smarter, a lot more sensitive and a lot more loving.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Down, But Not Out.

Runny nose, cough, fever, irritability and possible ear infection sent the twins to the doctor today. Little Miss Katie, you have the worst of it. Your fever was 101.4 at the doctor's office. The doctor was great and wanted to be on the cautious side. He had your blood oxygen measured but the machine didn't cooperate. You were a trooper though! You hardly made a sound when the nurses were fiddling with your toe, then your finger, then your ear, then your foot. They finally just gave up and said you're nice and pink! But you do have bronchiolitis, could be due to RSV. Thank goodness you have had RSV shots.

Katie fell asleep while on the nebulizer.

Jojo, fell asleep in her carseat while sissy was on the nebulizer.
Little Jo, you have a runny nose and maybe an ear infection but the doctor said you don't need anything. But mommy has to watch out because you probably have RSV, too, just not as far along as sissy.
You girls will age mommy! But that's alright, it's my job to worry about you and your Big Bro.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pimp My Playstation!

So we decided to invest on a pimped out stationary playstation for the girls. The one that big brother used as a baby is just not enough.



Katie, don't worry. Those toys are not out to get you. Promise!

Here's the one that has been pimped out the block a few times before it even reached Big Brother.


(Notice the intensity of the stare on the camera since there's nothing else to stare at.)


(Notice how she's STILL staring at the camera 10 minutes later.)

Don't worry Princess Jo, you will have your turn on the schizophrenia-inducing playstation.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Me and My Team

Thank you, Dora and Diego, for keeping the little ones company. You didn't mind the germ-infested livingroom, and held down the fort with me.

Oh and thank you, DVR. I can only take "More Diego, more diego!" so many times.

And thank you, Clorox wipes. Until the next outbreak.

We make a great team. We'll do lunch.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Yo, homies!

Jojo, keep in mind that your mother has been up all night long changing poopy diapers (I will not embarass you and say whose diapers they were). Momma thinks yo' coo'.

Katie, keep in mind that your mother has been up all night long changing poopy diapers (I will not embarass you and say whose diapers they were). Momma thinks yo' fab!

Look, Ma!

Though I am proud at how nurturing you are becoming, I don't think your dad would be too happy if you become versed on the intricacies of breastfeeding twins.

How do twins sleep?

Oct. 23, 2007 - almost 5 months old

The little Physicists have figured out the best position for maximum air flow so that they can keep cool during the hot days. Or perhaps it is a more efficient use of crib space?

Little Jo, I'm sorry to say that you have the bad end of the deal. If I were you, I'd move way from that general vicinity.

Announcement picture

June 2007 - 3 weeks old

Jojo and Katie, mommy is trying to get a great picture to use for the baby announcement. Sorry the dress I put you in is 2 sizes too big. But don't worry, you outgrew it in about 2 more weeks. You can blame me later for the marks those pretty little bows left on your heads though. Or maybe you should blame Nana? She meant well. Trust me.

Oh sweet sweet slumber.

July 2007

Resume Entry/Achievement: the ability to fall asleep sitting up, without dropping the pacifier

If you don't think this is impressive, call me. I'd like to see you do it.

Graco Swing

July 2007

Dear Graco, I bet you didn't know your swing could hold a 3-foot tall, 35-lb toddler. Thank you for making such a sturdy swing.

Three beautiful ducklings.

March 2005
Hello, my little duckling Matty. Goodbye peace and quiet.

June 2007
Hello, Katie. There goes momma duck's bath time.

June 2007
Hello, Jojo. Momma duck is in trouble now.