Friday, July 23, 2010

how did we ever live without internet or cable

We're back on! We moved two weeks ago into our new house and have had trouble since then. First Verizon kept changing the FIOS installation without telling us, then our AC isn't working. But we have internet now, though we still have AC trouble. The warranty company sent 3 different companies all finding something different but yet no one could fix the upstairs AC. It's blowing warm air and the kids sweat like little piggies at night.

The moving is almost over, we just have little bits to go that I try to get every time I drive to kids to school. Big M is still in the same preschool and he will be there until he starts Kindergarten. The twins started in a new school this Monday, less than a mile from our house. They love it. Little M continues to develop. He is doing mini push ups, turns himself around and flips from tummy to back. He laughs, giggles and now hates it when he sees me pass by him.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

home sweet home

We closed on our house mid June, but we haven't moved in yet. Our contract on the rental house says we need to give 60 days notice to leave, so we're taking advantage of that 60 days and move slowly. The problem is "slowly" means prolonging the exhaustion. For the past couple of weeks I've been driving back and forth and bringing whatever I can to the new house, with the twins in tow since their school was closed for a week. Thankfully, I didn't have Big M with me since he's been in summer camp for the past 2 weeks. I wonder if this going back and forth has gotten the girls used to the house enough so that they would be right at home when we finally sleep there? I can only hope.

This weekend starts a more intense move, with the help of a couple of Daddy's friends. Our new couch and new breakfast table was delivered today so the house already has some furniture in it. I'm particularly excited about the breakfast table because it fits 6! Our current one only sits 4 and with the growing family, we need a growing table. :)

Little M has been good, though there are times when I cannot tend to him so he is left alone crying. He doesn't like that very much and he lets me know it. After being left to cry for a bit, he gets mopey for a while even after I am finally able to hold him. Mopey = he stops breastfeeding for a second or two just to cry for another second and then gets back to feeding again. It's not just any cry though, it's a cry that says, "I'm all alone in the world because my momma ignores me!" ....complete with pouty lower lip and all.

I'm tired.