Monday, August 31, 2009

Christmas in July

These are the photos from Santa's Land in Cherokee, NC. It's Christmas in July! The girls loved everything. Curious George loved everything..especially the part where he got to tell Santa that he wanted Lego for Christmas.

Thing 1 is wearing green and Thing 2 is wearing blue.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

the bears' den at Cherokee

This is a backtrack to the end of July on our trip to Cherokee, NC. It's an Indian reservation that is thriving and very busy during the summer months due to tourism. We found a "zoo" of bears and brought the kids there. It's not much of a zoo, but when we're talking about 4 and 2 year olds, it's just a perfect size. :)

The bears were doing tricks for food and the girls loved them!

Curious George's puncanny imitation of the bear in the entrance.

One of the bear poses for food.

Thing 1 (pink) and Thing 2 (green) love the bears!

There is an iguana cage that is covered with chicken wire. Unfortunately, little fingers still fit through. Thankfully, with Mommy and Daddy's super sonic speed, we were able to keep the iguana from having a finger lunch. Thing 1 wasn't too happy about being told "NO" of course.

A baby goat was walking around saying hi to the visitors. Thing 2 said, "How cute!"

Thing 2, Curious George and I pose for one more picture before heading out.

what does one do when you don't want to take a nap?

A couple of weeks ago, I drove Thing 1 to VA because she came down with a fever. Normally, I wouldn't get concerned but since Thing 2 and I were recovering from strep throat, and Daddy had just gone to the doctor and had a confirmed flu (thankfully not the swine flu), it wasn't looking too good her. We made the drive for an appointment the next day. Now why would we have to drive all the way back to VA just to see a doctor? Well, there's Medicaid for you. The children are not covered out of state unless it's an emergency.

On the way back to NC, Thing 1 refused to sleep even if she was obviously delirious with sleepiness. This is what I caught with my phone. It's hard to hear because of the wind noise and the radio, but she was singing along at times and arguing with me.