Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the Great Smoky Mountains and family

We spent the weekend in the Great Smoky Mountains to attend my mother-in-law's family reunion. While there we explored the Cherokee Indian Reservation, which was busy with tourists. We stayed at the motel my MIL's father built. It is now on the 3rd owner after her father. It was my first time there, though I had seen it before. It was the kids' first time. Though the motel brought back a lot of fond memories for Daddy, he said it didn't hold the magic he remembered it having as a child. I think the big part of that magic is his grandparents. Grandparents are special like that. But I think it holds a different kind of magic, though - the kids and I being able to share part of Daddy's childhood.

Front of the motel.

Twin River's Lodge (originally known as Ela Motor Court)

Nana chasing after Thing 1.

Curious George went fishing in the back with his Papaw and cousin. This is one of the fish he caught.

Papaw helps Curious George.

The river in the back of the back of the motel.

Thing 1 (pink) and Thing 2 (green) enjoying the open space. They bust into 'Ring Around the Rosie' when Daddy pulled out the camera.

Thing 2 (laying down) and Thing 1 enjoying the kiddie pool.

Enjoying the big pool.
(Thing 2 in blue, Thing 1 in pink.)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

fun in the sun with daddy

Curious George found a firefly in the pool. He now knows more about the great outdoors than I do.

Having fun with Daddy.

Daddy embracing his inner child. We love that. We truly do!

potty training twins. how crazy is that?!

Thing 2 on the left, Thing 1 on the right.

My girls will probably never forgive me when they discover that there are pictures on the internet of them sitting on the potty. Oh well. I say it's my right as a mother. You girls will have your turn when you have kids of your own.

These were taken in the middle of June when the potty training journey began. They hated sitting on it! Then I gave them 1 Mike&Ike and they didn't mind anymore. We had success the first time when we took them out and they stayed dry for 4 hours. I took the opportunity to sit them down and had a great success, but not before they shed some tears. Then it was good for a few days and then they absolutely hated it. So the training tapered off. Then stomach bug hit, and it was forgotten. We really need to "get back at it" but it's tiring! *whine* One of these days, we will. Eventually. Probably. You don't see teens walking around in diapers, do you?

big kids

(Thing 1 on the left, Thing 2 on the right)

I forgot to post this one as part of the previous set. It shows how big the girls have gotten! They can definitely take Curious George on nowadays. In fact, they sometimes reduce him to tears...being in the prime of their terrible-twos and all. There is nothing like an out-of-nowhere-bang-on-the-head with a glass spice container by one of his sisters.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

off to the doctor

Thing 1 had a bout of vomiting for 3 hours straight at 3am last Sunday. Towards the end of the 3 hours, she had diarrhea. The diarrhea is just now ending, after 10 days. She vomited once a day, at about midnight when I just barely get to bed. About 2 days later, Thing 2 also had diarrhea. Let me tell you, it was nasty and stinky x2! But neither of them acted sick during the day however, so we weren't worried. But we did finally decide to take them to the doctor on Monday. Thing 2 was also due for her 2-yr well baby check. Of course the doctor is in VA, and we're here in NC. I wasn't brave enough to drive both of them by myself, so Daddy came with us.

The doctor was not concerned about the diarrhea since they are not acting sick and there is no sign of dehydration. He did however suggested we give them Tums because it was probably reflux that was causing the vomiting. As far as the diarrhea, it was going to take its course and just keep with with the fluid and food that are easy on the stomach.

Thing 2 has shot up on her growth. She weighed 31.4 lbs which is now at the 95th percentile and her height is in the 75th (I will insert height later). We aren't surprise because she out-eats Thing 1 and Curious George combined. We just don't know where she puts it because if you go by sight, you would think Thing 1 is a lot bigger (5 lbs at least) when in actuality, they are only less than 1 lb difference (Thing 1 is heavier).

frog ressurection?

Two days ago, Curious George caught a baby frog. It was very small. He placed it in a spare tank we had. The problem is, we didn't know what to feed it since it was so small. This morning I told him that it was time to set it free because it was getting hungry, but before he does so, he could it play with it. Played with it, he did. After 15-20 minutes, Daddy told me that the frog is dead and that from what he could tell Curious George probably accidentally squeezed it.

I was worried that Curious George would get upset so I told him that it was dead and we needed to bury it. He then looked at me and said, "yeah! In 2 days, it was be alive again!"

"No, Matty. When an animal dies, it doesn't become alive again. It's dead forever, " I explained.

"No, Mommy. When God died, people buried him in a cave and two days after, God was alive again!"

If this is not proof that this boy pays attention in Sunday School, I don't know what is.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh, the memories we're making.

It's hard to believe that we've been living here with Daddy's parents for four months. Four months is a long time, but at the same time we're left to wonder where the time has gone. It's been tough for all of us, but it is also hard not to count our blessings. The kids are enjoying their grandparents and there are a lot of lasting memories being made here everyday. The girls are too young to remember, but Curious George will probably remember some of the excitement. He will probably one day come to me and his Daddy telling us of his dream/memory of living with his Nana and Papaw and about catching frogs. We will tell him that no, it is in fact a memory...and we have this blog to prove it.

Curious George is sweaty after running around in the yard in this hot humid day. We catch a lot of fireflies here (an almost every night ritual).

Curious George shows his sisters the pint size wheel barrow, one he got for being well behaved after spending 5 hours with the grown ups at Home Depot and Lowes).

And teaches them how to use it.

Thing 2 comes up the hill after following Curious George. Thing 1 (wearing Curious George's Speed Racer shirt) doesn't follow too far down (she's too tired from vomiting for 3 hours the night before).

The kids help Daddy unload Papaw's truck.

It's all about team work.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th!

We found a fireworks that also has a kid festival so we took the kids there. The fireworks started at 9:45. It's late, but we knew they would enjoy it...and they did. Thing 1 screamed the entire time, we thought she'd lose her voice. In between the screams, she yelled, "again!"

Of course, being in a kid festival, the kids won't let you leave without getting them something. The swords were a big hit with all 3. The funny thing is, Daddy bought 1 sword for Curious George and 2 girly little light things for the girls. But the girls threw the girly things down on the ground and grabbed for the sword. So I made Daddy return them for swords.

Thing 2 snuggled into my lap to watch at the beginning of the evening.

We arrived at the kid festival at 8:15pm and the fireworks wasn't until 9:45pm. I lost count how many times Curious George asked, "how many minutes more?"

Unfortunately that evening at 3am, Thing 1 woke vomiting. She vomited every 20 minutes until 6am when she was finally able to rest. She got a stomach bug somewhere, and we're hoping it doesn't spread through the household.