Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th!

We found a fireworks that also has a kid festival so we took the kids there. The fireworks started at 9:45. It's late, but we knew they would enjoy it...and they did. Thing 1 screamed the entire time, we thought she'd lose her voice. In between the screams, she yelled, "again!"

Of course, being in a kid festival, the kids won't let you leave without getting them something. The swords were a big hit with all 3. The funny thing is, Daddy bought 1 sword for Curious George and 2 girly little light things for the girls. But the girls threw the girly things down on the ground and grabbed for the sword. So I made Daddy return them for swords.

Thing 2 snuggled into my lap to watch at the beginning of the evening.

We arrived at the kid festival at 8:15pm and the fireworks wasn't until 9:45pm. I lost count how many times Curious George asked, "how many minutes more?"

Unfortunately that evening at 3am, Thing 1 woke vomiting. She vomited every 20 minutes until 6am when she was finally able to rest. She got a stomach bug somewhere, and we're hoping it doesn't spread through the household.

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