Thursday, February 18, 2010

the twin posse

The girls are truly enjoying preschool and we are very happy about that. Their teacher is wonderful and would always give me little updates while she and one other buckles the girls in their car seats when I pick them up. Sometimes, the updates aren't so good, but always amusing.

Thing 2 has been put in time-out because she continually put her feet on the table. She continues to stay dry wearing big girl undies!

Thing 1 gets anxious (not sure if this is in a good or bad way) when they wait in the hall for carpool pick up. One day, she was told "No" and as a response, she drooped her shoulders and said, "I'm sad!"

Both girls have started the whole class by saying, "MEMEMEMEME!" when the want to do something. Now poor Mrs. Brazeal needs to curb this behavior from the whole class instead of just 2 little girls. lol

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

definitely ready for school

I slept late preparing backpacks, lunches, packing extra clothes for 3 kids the other night. Yesterday was the girls' first day of preschool. We dropped Curious George off first, and on their school. There is a carpool system, so I don't need to get off the car, but being that it's their first day, I went in and dropped them off. The girls immediately took to all the toys in the room which allowed me to chat a little bit with their teacher. After 10 minutes or so, I said the mantra we've been reciting all weekend long to prepare them for this day. "Katie is going to school, Jojo is going to school. Mommy has to say bye-bye! Then Mommy comes back to get you after your nap. " The two of them nodded, until I get to the "Mommy has to say bye-bye" to which, Thing 2 made a little pout. But seeing Thing 1 be all smiles helped her erase the frown. I walked out, then disappeared.

Of course I wasn't going to leave the building just yet. :) I went to the front, chatted with the assistant director and then headed back to the classroom to peak to see how the girls were doing. They were playing happily, so then I left.

I went to Target, bought the girls clothes. As I was about to leave, it was raining cats and dogs, so I went to get iced coffee and watched the rain fall. It was quiet. aaaah. :) Got home, got the master bath in order, did some home business and waited until I had to pick them up. Then I got an email from their teacher as to how their day went. Thing 1 ate well, and slept without a problem. Thing 2 didn't eat very much and was wide awake. She then asked the teacher what why Thing 1 was asleep and so she had to explain that it was because she was tired and it was time to rest. ;)

At the carpool pick up, I found myself very excited to see them again. They were all smiles. Thing 2 was in a daze, having been woken up after only 15 minutes of nap (she apparently finally fell asleep). Thing 1 was beaming. I asked if they had fun and they both responded, "uh huh!". It was a shorter nap than usual, since they usually napped from 1-3pm, but it was enough.

Today, I had to dropped a form off at their school. I left then in car, but as we were pulling out to leave, Thing 1 said, "No home, Mommy! School!" She can't wait to go back to school.

All in all, the day went well. There was not a single tear. Thing 2 even stayed dry and went to use the toilet. I had her in pull-ups but packed only undies. But they never had to change her since she stayed dry.

It was a good day for the girls.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

time to brag about my boy

When the girls and I picked up Curious George yesterday a handful of kids were drawing. Two of the kids were drawing people, one was making something resembling people, one was drawing a house. CG was drawing this. I asked him what it was and he said it's a water machine. It's a machine with a series of pipes that brings water (and later on, gas) to the house. He said this was for Daddy.

We asked him how he came up with it, and he explained that he sees it in his head and then it goes to his eyes. When the picture is in his eyes, the colors flash and that's what tells him what colors to use.

I'm not an expert, but I think most kids this age draw about what they are familiar with, not abstract stuff.

His teacher thinks nothing of the drawing, but we are very impressed by it. Both Daddy and I are proud. :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Potty training and preschool!

Yesterday, Daddy and I have decided to enroll the girls in preschool at a local "christian" church. I put it in quotation because when I asked the director about it, she said they are "bible believing, non denominational church". Alrighty then, I thought. They teach the bible. I'm not too worried since the girls are still young and we definitely do not want to keep them there forever. Their school year ends in May. At that time, we'll have to think of where to enroll the girls for the summer and fall.

But the important thing is, both the director and assistant director were very friendly, as well as the teachers. So the girls will start on Monday and they will be in school Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9am to 2pm.

It's going to be a mad rush to head out the door with Curious George having to be at school before 8:30. Then the pick up is going to be crazy, too. I pick CG up at 5pm.

I want the girls potty trained soon. So since the school is willing to work with the parents on this, I decided to start yesterday. At 11am, I put both the girls in big girl undies. By 1pm, Thing 1 has wet 4 pairs of pants. At the same time, Thing 2 has only wet once. So I decided I would concentrate on Thing 2 for now until she is trained, and then train Thing 1.

Thing 2 even napped in her undies, but of course she woke up soaking wet. The whole day, she told me every time she wet her pants. I was encouraged by that. Today, we've been out most of the morning so I put her in diaper. But while out, she told me, "PEE!" so I ran her to the public restroom and sat her on the toilet. By then of course, she already wet her diaper.

When we got home, I kept an eye on her and kept taking her to the toilet. The first 2 times, she told me she peed, which meant she tinkled a few drops. But then every time she went to watch TV, a few minutes later, she would hide behind a chair, so I ran her to the bathroom again. By the 3rd time, she let it all out! :) I think we're now starting to get the idea that she needs to let it all out in the toilet and pee. Yipee! I feel very optimistic.

On Monday, I plan on keeping Thing 2 in undies while she is in school and keeping Thing 1 in diapers for now. We'll see how this all goes.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

our very own princesses

I bought the girls matching shirts with lace tu-tu-like frilly edges from Disney store (thanks to the Christmas cash from Grandma) because they are starting to love princess things, but they didn't fit. Silly me for thinking size 4 was going to fit my ginormous 2.5 yr old daughters. So we returned them (and good golly, it's not easy to shop at Disney with 2 little girls by yourself!!) and ended up with these 2 dresses. I made them pick, and Thing 1 picked a the Little Mermaid one, and Thing 2 picked Tinker Belle one. I almost made the same mistake and picked up size 4's, but had a moment of clarity before paying and grabbed size 5/6 instead. They are a little big, but this means they should be able to enjoy it for a year....hopefully.

Thing 1 on the left, Thing 2 on the right.
Thing 1 looks like she fills the dress quite nicely, but it's very long and she still does have room.

I think, perhaps, this will still fit for Halloween. :)

Don't ask me why I make them kiss. It's just very cute. :)

On another note, we visited a preschool for them today. It's getting harder for me to do anything when they are all home. And it's getting very hard on me on nights they (one or the other) wake me up 5x in one night and then nobody (namely, Curious George) lets me take a nap! I only have 2 months before Baby #4 makes his arrival and it's not that much time to unpack and get the house in order. I'm quite worried now.

Anyway, we thought the girls would go to the same school Curious George goes to, but that's not the best right now. It will leave us with but $60 to our name every month after all the bills are paid, and that's not including trying to make a dent on debts. So we visited a church preschool instead. It was a lot cheaper and the people were quite nice. I got a good impression, so they may end up there in a week or two for 3 days a week.