Saturday, January 17, 2009

a morning at the aviation museum

We brought the kids to the aviation museum since Curious George has been more and more interested in planes lately (as evident from the books he has recently checked out at the library). Sometimes the bedtime stories aren't stories, but explanations of what airplane parts do. Anyway, the museum was much smaller than we expected, which worked out in our favor - it was easier to let the girls walk around. What also worked in our favor was that it was in the single digits in the morning and so aside from us and another family, there was nobody around!

Curious George was so excited, he could hardly stop talking and pointing. But then, the gift shot interested him more so the excursion was cut short.

We were accosted by this kid the minute we walked in because apparently, him and his brother are fraternal twins. One boy asked Curious George how he tells his sisters apart, and he went out a dissertation about checking the color of their earrings (with demonstration).

The girls had to wait a few minutes before they could be free of the stroller. Daddy and I were too busy from loosing him. The boy and he stuck to each other like glue and then were off somewhere before we could see what direction they were heading.

Daddy explains to Curious George and Thing 1 the medic airplane.

Thing 1 (pink) & Thing 2 (blue) watch Daddy try the flight simulator.

Experimenting on some of the exhibits that explains some principles of Physics.

It's the girls turn on the airplane. Only Curious George wants in too so Thing 1 was demoted to the backseat with Thing 2. Thing 1 wasn't happy about it.

We went to the local restaurant for lunch. And like Curious George have always done, he asks for the lemon the glass and sucks on it. Oh, how Daddy and I enjoy watching the resulting sour face. He started this when he was less than a year old, and so we decided to try it on the girls. This is Thing 2's sour face.

And then it's Thing 1's turn. It may seem cruel, but it's so much fun to watch. :-)

Before heading home, Daddy drove by the airport in hopes that Curious George would see a plane take off. And he did! It remains to be seen if he'll be as interested in planes like he is in trains. But as parents, all Daddy and I could do is fuel his curiosity.

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