Friday, February 6, 2009

burning off some energy at the mall play area

Thing 1 (in pink) was instantly attracted to the little girl and kept rubbing her back. She did it for a good 5 minutes or so. Thing 2 (in green) was busy walking around. These 2 are hardly in the same area when we take them here. Curious George was here too, he was just too fast to be caught on camera.
Thing 2 played on this bridge/slide. But she couldn't climb all the way to the top, so she backed up and sat down and slid down from the sitting position, giggling "Whoah!"

(While the video is playing, click on the triangle on the right bottom corner of the video and then click on HQ and you can watch the video in high-quality mode, you can see the faces a lot clearer)

Thing 2 was also attracted to this little girl and wanted to play with her but she got distracted when I yelled out for Daddy to catch the little escape artist (Thing 1). Curious George is here in orange, if you catch a glimpse of him.

Daddy commented how I'm starting the girls low rider pants. I had to explain to him that the pants looks low because it was small (size 18 months). I promise to not put these on them again. :-)

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