Monday, January 11, 2010

we hope Curious George isn't sick

Daddy made me realize last week that the children has never gotten their H1N1 booster shot, which was supposed to be given 30 days after the first one. So today, I found a random pediatrician close to the rental house and took them.

Thing 1 is now a whoping 41 lbs and Thing 2 is 36 lbs. They are both 36 inches tall. Curious George is 52 lbs and is 43 1/2 inches tall. I knew it was smart of me to actually stop carrying anyone! I just hope Daddy realizes the same thing because it's ruining it for all of us, if you know what I mean.

Curious George didn't get shots at his 4 year check last year, so the doctor wanted him to get it today and delay the H1N1 booster until a month later (he said H1N1 isn't bad right now anyway). But after feeling around his belly, he said his liver feels lower than it should be or it is larger than it should be. So the doctor ordered blood work to check on liver functions and also to check for mono. The doctor also asked if anyone in the family has Hepatitis, which of course none of us do not. I'm a little taken aback, because he hasn't acted sick in a while, except for the occasional sniffles.

I was going to take him to do the lab work sometime tomorrow or the next day, but Daddy is worried and wants this done today. So we're going to meet at the lab today (so he could keep an eye on the girls, and I can help Curious George). Curious George has told me just the other day that "he doesn't want to have a blood pressure". He meant that he didn't want his blood taken because it looks scary. Daddy took him with him one day when he had gotten it done. While Curious George didn't act scared at the time, I guess now we know he got scared somewhat. I'm just hoping he does well. Unlike other days when I prepare him for what's to come, I think we will keep this one secret until we get there. I do hope it doesn't backfire.

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  1. OOOhh I don't envy you - we have no end of problems getting DS to have shots - and there were such tears at his 4 y/o shots I didn't take him in again when they told me he didn't get the full dose. I really should but I'm scared to take him.

    ANyway I hope the tests show up clear and all is well...