Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Last week, we were able to enjoy an egg hunt sponsored by Daddy's company. Good thing too since today, we stayed indoors...having kids under the weather and all. Curious George is recovering from double ear infection and upset stomach because of the antibiotics he is on.

Excited to begin!

Yup, that's my swollen puffy self at 27 weeks. My cheeks look like I'm chewing 3 or 4 Bazooka gum. What's amusing at this stage is that the children all bonk their head on my belly first when they run to me for a hug. :)
(Thing 1 in pink, Thing 2 in green)

Daddy and I still think these 2 aren't identical, even though DNA evidence says otherwise. :)

This little man is not so little anymore. Where does the time go?

This egg hunt is for 3 year olds, because we were too late to participate on the 2 yr old. Curious George is merely assisting Thing 1. :)

Lots of eggs!

Of course, we can't leave without inspecting the goodies in the eggs.

Passing off the egg. It's the inside that matters.

Catching breath.

Thing 1 takes after her big brother when it comes to mouth movement while concentrating.

They do enjoy anything and everything that has to do with coloring.

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