Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Our first Thanksgiving in Texas was pretty relaxed. Though it was a little bit of a shock since we've been spending Thanksgiving with the in-laws for so many years while in VA. I had a menu of what to cook, though it was quite flexible. I couldn't find something I need so I cooked something else. I still hadn't cooked my first turkey. The kids are still so young, I just cooked what we liked to eat. There will be time enough to establish a Thanksgiving holiday tradition.

Big M woke up vomiting. It was quite sad to see him so miserable, especially since he was looking forward to eating the pumpkin pie and the banana bread the girls and I baked. Thankfully, by the next day, Big M was on the mend. Little M was also sick. The week prior to Thanksgiving, he started with a runny nose and started coughing. Then he started wheezing. Since the girls were still recovering from asthma/cold and were still on the nebulizer, we decided to put Little M on it too. It helped a little bit, but he was still wheezing.

Yesterday, the doctor said Little M has RSV and has fluid behind the ears. He prescribed antibiotics which should start making him feel better in a day or two. One thing that is very striking to me is the way he handles this RSV. The twins being premature, the RSV was pretty tough even though they had the dreaded 6-month monthly course of RSV antibodies. For Little M, the RSV was only slightly worse than garden variety colds.

But even through the sickness, Little M has been surprising us this past 2 weeks. He has been crawling by pushing off with his feet for months, but a few week ago, he started crawling the right way on all fours. In a matter of days, he would crawl that way for a few paces. Than he started pulling up. A few days later, he was pulling up to a standing position. After that he would crawl and go into a sitting position. Pretty amazing.

It was near 80s the 3 days leading up to Thanksgiving. Then on the day of Thanksgiving, the high was 50 with lows around upper 20s. Crazy! One we have our AC on, the next we have the heater.

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