Tuesday, February 28, 2012

it's cold up here!

Big M's first day of school here in NY was yesterday. The whole family waited at the bus stop with him in 25-degree weather. Everyone was dressed up with scarves, gloves, snow boots and thick coats but after 15 minutes, it didn't really matter. It was cold no matter how warmly you think you're dressed.

Upon coming home, I grilled my little guy and he was prepared for it. He loves the school, the class, the classmates. He played with 2 girls, and he said one boy is jealous of him because he was playing with one particular girl. This said girl told him that he was one of the nicest boy in their class. My big guy and a quite a charmer.

I asked him what his favorite time of day was, and he said it was the whole school time because he loves doing school work. He asked his teacher for work that most everyone was doing, but his teacher said he didn't have to do it because he did so well on the spelling test they had. 

When I checked his folder, he has a weekly homework that is due on Fridays. It has Math, reading, writing, spelling activities. I told him he must divide the work for the week and so he started on the Math. It was so easy he finished the whole thing. I think I may have to dig up my math workbook I used to have him do so he could be quietly occupied during church so he could be a little challenged.

School is from 9:15 to 3:20 and it seems to a better fit for him than 7:45-2:45. He gets to sleep as long as he wants and we are not all rushing around to get out on time. 

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