Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, turbinate reduction

J had her surgery in September, a week after school started. She missed 1 week of school and then 1 week of no PE.

After checking in the hospital, she was set up with the TV which meant she was pretty much hypnotized. Since we have instituted no TV during weekdays, the TV had more of a power over them once it is turned on.

The hospital staff gave her toy a name badge as well which made her feel less nervous. She even brought it with her to the OR.

In the recovery room, the nurse was so proud of J for gobbling up her Popsicle. She was upset that her vision was blurry but the nice nurse talked her though it.

J spent over night for observation because of her sleep apnea. She did well during the day and kept eating cold stuff. The tech was so wonderful (more helpful than the nurse). At night once J feel asleep, her oxygen monitor beeped over and over because she stopped breathing. The nurse was not concerned since J seemed to wake herself up every time to correct her breathing. 

The next day I told that to the doctor and she made sure to tell me that he would not give her prescription pain killer because of it because it will only slow her breathing. The nurse wasng concerned and probably didn't even report it to the doctor but it turns out to be very important.

Everyone visited late that day. I think they were all a little shocked to see J in this settif even though we told them what she was there for. J was pretty much exhausted at this point and couldn't talk.

J'a class wrote her get well cards which was so touching. Her teacher is just wonderful and thoughtful to get her clas to do it. J loved the cards.

By mid morning the next day, J broken down and asked to go home. She said she was tired of the hospital. It broke my heart to hear her say it, but there is just nothing compared to being with loved ones and being in your own space when you are unsure if things.

She did get discharged by lunch time. Her recovery was quite smooth. I woke her up for her Tylenol and Ibuprofen but 2 days later she was irritated by it. She didn't understand why she had to keep taking it so another day and I finally stopped giving it to her. Three nights after she came home her breathing while asleep was remakable. She had no more snoring.

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