Monday, May 19, 2014

We can't look alike!

A couple of weeks ago, J got a shorter haircut. She loved it and she said everyone else loved it too. Daddy and I thought for sure that no one would mistake them for each other and people would appreciate that.

This week K finally got her haircut. We tried to make it different, like no bangs, but really, how different can we make the haircut without cutting drastically ? 

J got mad and said, "Mommy, she looks like me!!!" 

The next day Big M confided to Daddy quietely that he now has trouble telling them apart. Daddy told him to keep that fact to himself or his sisters will get upset.

On another day when I took the younger 3 out, they were running around playing.  Little M needed to quickly get J's attention so he yelled out , "J! J! J!" After the 5th time and J wasn't turning to face go , he realized he must have been mistaken. So he yelled out instead, "Sister! Sissssssssssterrrrrrrrrr!"

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