Tuesday, July 22, 2008

milk allergy

I finally took the twins to the pediatrician to discuss their milk allergy. I went on and on and on about eliminating milk completely for a couple of weeks and then starting a food diary for a few days, and noting the reactions to milk products. I then stopped the milk products for 2 more weeks and then introduced cheese and they had the allergic reaction again. They developed a rash around their mouths and wherever the milk happens to drip, and they got runny noses. During a particularly bad reaction, both the girls developed welts.

He said that as far as allergy goes, it's pretty mild. He mentioned that tests at this age is pretty inaccurate but it is worth looking into to see what we're dealing with. So he gave me a name of a pediatric allergist. In the meantime, we can keep with soy milk. Should it turn out that we have to avoid milk for a long time, then we will discuss other ways of getting calcium into their bodies.

I'm not particularly happy with the casual manner of the conversation (I'm worried, and the doctor is not), but at least we've been referred to an allergist. We'll see what happens then. Milk allergy may be common before the age of 3, but it doesn't mean I don't have to worry. There is absolutely no history of food allergy in both mine and my husband's family. At least when the girls get tested, I will know whether to freak out when Thing 1 steals Big Brother's milk.

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  1. I hope they outgrow the allergy. I know how tough it can be! Candace is milk AND soy intolerant, so since I'm breastfeeding I've had to eliminate both ingredients from my diet, not fun! Hopefully they are a part of the majority of kids that will outgrow it!