Friday, February 4, 2011

Sir McNugget

The sheet of ice on the road has not had a chance to thaw yet and today it was covered by 6 in. of snow. Suffice it to say that there was no school again today. The 3 older kids and I went outside to play in the snow, though we couldn't make a snowman. The snow was too dry and fluffy, so the kids had fun brushing off the snow on the cars instead. I swear, I didn't tell them to do it. They just thought it was fun. They slipped a few times where there was ice underneath the snow. The neighbor's kids joined us to play, but after 20 minutes of playing, they went back in.

Daddy and Sir McNugget stayed inside where it was warm and cozy. We throw around cute nicknames for Little M, and I came up with "little nugget". We all thought it was cute. Daddy added the "MC" because of his initials. Big M brought out his knight gears so Little M was knighted.

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