Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day

On Tuesday the kids had their first snow day. The storm brought in a couple of inches of frozen rain and frigid cold temperature with wind chill readings below zero. We made crafts on that day. It was fun for me and it amused the kids. After the 2nd snuggle friend, Big M couldn't wait for his. I told him he might have it after his nap instead. He got angry. He said if I had not been stopping to take a picture every time one was done, I would have had time to finish his! He made a good point so I tried to make his as fast as I could.

The weather the next day was exactly the same. Very cold. Unlike the day before when Little M napped for almost 3 hours, this day he didn't napped at all. The kids try to amuse themselves on the Wii.

Today is still cold. There is no melting the sheet of ice in our neighborhood. Daddy had been going to work inching slowly in an icy road in his car with bald tires. He makes it safely cursing at all the Texan drivers who do not know a thing about driving on ice. However, today Daddy is staying home. This would have been a relief for me, being yet another Snow Day. But he is staying home because he's sick. Lucky me.

The agenda today, this 3rd day of being cooped up inside, is for me not to lose any marbles. The four little ones get more and more energy each day we're inside, yet mine continually drains.

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  1. Love the crafts! Wonderful idea for snow days!