Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Murphy Maize Days

We took the kids to a community festival, Murphy Maize Days, mainly because I LOVE corn and so we just HAVE to be there. I had a grand plan of eating anything and everything corn. Thankfully they also had a lot of fun stuff for the kids.

This was a fun shot with all the scarecrows. At the end of the shot, J and K went to inspect the old lady scarecrow (the one Big M is standing next to) and inspected it. J then started squeezing what would have been the boobies. I had no idea what she was doing and why. 

They also had fun inspecting the fire truck. (J is wearing a flower shirt).

Not too long ago, Big M was obsessed with fire trucks. While he still enjoys them, he couldn't answer me when I asked what kind of fire truck this was. I guess fire trucks are a thing of the past for him.

J heads up the trek all the way up this Gorilla bounce slide.

K screaming all the way down.

This is Little M attempting to climb this wall. He never really made it up but a few feet because he couldn't coordinate both his arms and legs to climb up. He was using his arms mainly which tired him out within minutes. K and J were in line at first too because they really wanted to climb. But after seeing a small girl being stuck because she couldn't climb up anymore and yet she was too light for the rope to get her down, I decided the girls shouldn't try this one at all.  

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