Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year, Big M is a SWAT officer, K is Jessie, J is Cleopatra, Little M is Superman and Daddy is a grumpy old man. We only had trouble getting J's costume because she had one criteria that had to be met - the costume cannot be scratchy. We tried many many costumes before we landed on Cleopatra.

This year, Daddy stayed home with Little M. Little M goes to bed at 6 so we decided he should stay home and hand out candy instead.

This is Daddy fetching Superman from the neighbor's yard. The neighbor had balloons and that was just too much for the little superhero to resist.

I told Big M to pose near the head. :)

Scary house.

This is our neighbor identical twins. They are not quite 3 years old and both K & J have fallen in love with them and vice versa.

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