Tuesday, April 2, 2013

at the science museum

It's the kids' spring break this week and finally, most of them are on the mend from being sick. Little M's asthma is on overdrive with this cold. The girls are on their albuterol inhaler with a spacer, and I thought maybe we can bring that and use it on Little M when we are out instead of not being able to take him out when it's time for the nebulizer. And it worked! We spent a good 5 hours out without Little M have to cough to the point that he throws up. He hates it though, so when we are home he uses the nebulizer. That is completely fine because he doesn't get as much medicine with the puffer anyway. We can just use it as backup when we are out.

Anyway, here are the kids in the hurricane booth. They enjoyed it; we enjoyed watching them, and I need to remember not to cackle so much while taking a video. :)

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