Sunday, March 31, 2013

I've been sewing up a storm

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to make a lot of shorts for the girls after getting rid of their outgrown clothes. They don't have shorts, and not a lot of pants. Pants is a bit of an issue especially for K. She is full on the waist so I have gone to buying size 8 and 10 pants. Of course they are too long, and he waist is either too tight or too loose.

I bought some patterns and got to cutting. I cut 8 pairs of shorts (some for the boys too) and Capri pants and pants. The girls are size 7 on dresses that I've been making so I just instantly picked that size to cut. It turns out that's a little snug after I completed one pair. What was I to do ? Sew everything up and just barely to into them or make some sort of modification. I tried one modification by adding a strip on the side. It gave K some room but the height of the waist was just too low still. I will probably have to add a waist band to it.

The pants I purposely picked a bigger size. The pattern called for elastic but I chose to making shirring instead. When it was done Daddy said it looked like clown pants. I admit while my fabric choice looked great as a peasant dress, it was on the loud side for pants. But hey, I was just using fabric I already had. I horned out it looked great with understated tops. Because of the shirring it was fine that it was long because it wasn't in the way. These pants would definitely last a while.

The Capri pants was the same size as the shorts. Same issue with the size. I am pretty proud though because I just added the ruffles. Daddy said they looked like bell bottoms. The man is out of touch. Ruffles are girly. :)

I then bought a pattern for me. Shocker! Make something for me? I need a dress for my son's first communion in April. I bought fabric from a sewing buddy's stash (cheaper than retail) and got to work. It looks great, so says my online sewing group, but it needed fixing. The bodice is too loose. Why don't I try these things on before sewing?? It may be because I'm sewing for myself and that is a new experience. So now I get to use the seam ripper. Whoopie. When I love the idea of being able to correct a mistake, I hate using it!

On another note, the hearts fabric were on clearance when I bought them - so everything I make is such a saving. :)

This is a modified Jocole's Essential pants cut shorter than the capri length and then I made up the rest of the length with ruffles.

This is a modified Jocole's Essential pants cut to shorts length (length based on my daughter's measurement) with added ruffle and side panel.

This is Whimsy Couture's Jump around pants modified to have shirred legs instead of elastic. And below is my daughter wearing it.

This Sis Boom's (Scientific Seamstress) Jamie dress. I have a pear shape body and this worked out well and does not make me look pregnant. Always a plus. :)

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