Thursday, March 21, 2013

Big M's 2nd grade science fair

Big M's science fair was a couple of days ago and he enjoyed it immensely. We only decided to enter the fair 2 weeks ago but with his project, it was only a matter of organizing and displaying them.

The title of his project was "Homegrown Crystals: How to Grow Your Own". He has been growing his own crystals from both store-bought kits and out of home ingredients. He had his natural crystals displayed, and the home-grown ones. There was a scientist for each grade who went around and talked to the kids about heir projects and asked a few questions. I stood by him but I did not talk. He answered all the questions by himself, but what impressed the person most was when Big M named all of his 15 or so collection of natural crystals without looking at he his poster board.

After the "interview" the kids were free to leave their presentation and look at the others. Big M grabbed his Cub Scout den leader and showed him the crystals. He also grabbed some of his friends but they were not too interested. Then he came back with girls and they stayed to hear him talk. What a charmer.

He then took he list of all the posters and methodically visited each one that had to do with rocks, minerals and crystals. He found a 5th grader who has grown geodes with he same process he grew his crystals. She talked to him about everything she has in her exhibit , which he knew about already. It didn't matter though. He just stood here and conversed with her. She told him where she bought her rocks and so now Big M has plans to go to the same place.

The science fair was a big hit for him. There was no competition to be 1st or 2nd place. Everyone received a ribbon for participating and afterward everyone enjoyed everyone else's projects. It was fun, it sparked the imagination and interest (at least this is true for Big M).

Kindergartener's were not allowed in the fair so Daddy and tr other kids stayed home. But I'm sure next year we will have to prepare 3 projects.

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