Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Big M!

How can it be that my eldest is 8 years old? It seems like yesterday I was still breastfeeding round the clock, and now we are having to take him to all sorts of after school activities, getting onto him about doing his homework, and now he is running away to class before we could even hug him goodbye. When you are a parent, time is both slow and fast.

Two weeks ago Daddy and I asked him what he would like for his birthday and he came back with a plan. He wanted a laser tag party and invite 20 of his friends. Yikes! I looked into a place and found that for $200 for a guest of 10 a use of a party room and 2 laser tag games are included. It's not as steep of a price from our previous parties, but I figured we can steer him away from a party. So with that in mind, I procrastinated booking the party. Actually, I don't need a plan to procrastinate but let's just let that slide.

But to make the long story short, at the last minute, I ended up booking the party and 15 guests were invited and 12 attended. There was an almost-catastrophe, which I am not solely responsible for, we invited a boy who is supposed to be Big M's best friend. Only we invited the wrong boy with the same name, and the real best friend was not invited at all. Thankfully, through amazing coincidence it was corrected and the best friend came!

Everyone had fun. Daddy and I divided and conquered. We had no idea that this age is the age at which parents started leaving their children at the party. But we were not entirely flabbergasted. Daddy joined in the game of laser tag, including J and K,  and watched all the boys. I stayed in the arcade with Little M and followed him around. Overall, the party was less of a stress than any other previous parties because the children are getting older.

Big M had tons of fun and we love that.

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