Friday, March 15, 2013

Failed weaning from Prevacid

After being on Prevacid twice a day for 3 months, I took Little M back to the gastro specialist last week. He is vastly improved and have gone from vomiting 6 days a week 2-3x/day to about 2x/week. We finally no longer have to travel with a little bucket and we couldn't be happier.

The follow up visit is to see if the medicine is working, and if it controlling the reflux to try and wean him off of it. The doctor decided it's time to try 1 pill a day for the next 2 weeks, and if that goes well to wean down to 1 pill every other day. From the financial stand point, this is excellent as it costs us $430 a month for this medicine. From a medical stand point, we are excited to think that maybe the reflux problem is behind us.

On the 2nd day of being on 1 Prevacid a day, Big M vomited. I couldn't decide whether it was due to other factors because he, his brother and sisters were running around outside when he stopped to throw up. The next day after that, he threw up in the morning again. At that time I was beginning to think it may not be a coincidence. That evening, he threw up again. By that time I am pretty sure it wasn't a coincidence. So we decided to go back to giving him the pill 2x a day. I think I might try a few more days back to 2 pills, and then try again with 1.

The doctor said it's perfectly fine for a 2-yr old to be on Prevacid for a few years, keeping in mind that we will try to wean him off 3x a year. The only time we would be concerned is if in about 3-5 years and he is still not controlled, he would start looking at why we can't wean him off.

Daddy and I are not as distraught as before when he was constantly vomiting, but we are still praying for the best. Thankfully he is growing well. Just a couple of days ago, Daddy noticed that Little M seemed taller. I didn't think anything of it, until the PJ I made for him over Christmas seemed a couple of inches shorter. In fact, he did get taller. He is now 3 ft tall, but still 31 lbs. He was 30 lbs about a year ago, but having grown taller it would explain why he hasn't gotten heavier.

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