Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mighty Mite football

Today is the 3rd day of football practice: 2 1/2 hours everyday until school starts. It's tough, it's grueling, it's new to Big M but everyday he comes home and says he LOVES it.  Last night before going to bed, he told Daddy "thank you for letting me play football".

He is definitely using muscle groups that he has never used before, but he does what he is told. This video is his 2nd time around. The first boy he went up against was slightly bigger than him and Big M stopped him. He changed his hold on the other boy which caused him his momentum. One of the couches told him what to do and on this 2nd one, he did it.

This little guy definitely puts his all into whatever he does, and for now, it's football.

On a funny note, Daddy and is having a chuckle about him not being able to do sit ups. I'm not chuckling though, but I can't do one either.

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