Thursday, June 10, 2010

cooing and smiling

We are all thoroughly enjoying the little cooing and smiling Little M is doing when someone talks to him. It doesn't really matter if someone he doesn't know talks to him, he smiles anyway. He is getting bigger and heavier, too.

Night nursing is down to 2. He cries, I put him next to me in bed and then he nurses and we both fall asleep until the next time. During the day, he nurses between 2-3 hours, which I don't mind. I just wish he would sleep for long stretches! Other days, he doesn't sleep for very long unless I'm holding him, and then other days, I can put him in his bassinet and he sleep for an hour or so.

He also has some cradle cap, but I think it's worst than a cradle cap. Some spots on his scalp is constantly oozing, so he's constantly crusty. Hopefully the doctor can give him something next week for his 2-month appointment.

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  1. What a beautiful baby!!! All of your children are good looking children. I enjoy all the pictures. Thanks for sharing them.