Saturday, June 5, 2010

pre-k graduation pictures

The graduation was a big secret of the pre-k class. Everyday they rehearsed and we hear no peep about it from Big M, except that they were rehearsing. So the graduation was completely new to all the parents, which made it all the more special.

Everything about it was presented by the someone in the class, including the speech, though the director did have a short one bragging about the students' tests scores being the top in the country. *ahem*

The students read their speeches, presented on some of the things they've learned, and presented their talents in singing and dancing. Because we had no clue as to the specifics of the program, I did miss capturing on video Big M's presentation of "6+4 = 10". He went to the mic so fast, and presented his poster so fast I missed it. His voice was so big and booming everyone had a chuckle. A big and booming voice...remind you of someone? Along with his poster presentation, he was also awarded the "Next Picasso" achievement award for being such a good artist.

The students sat in the front in their red cap and gown. Daddy and I had a good chuckle at how Big M constantly fidgeted.

Of course everyone was there, including Little M. He fussed for just a little bit, so Daddy had to play "Mommy" while Mommy played photographer.

Daddy and I are very truly proud of this little man.


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