Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a happy, bouncy party

The girls' party was a inflatable bouncy place. It was a private party, so it was only our guests that were playing at that time. It was a small party, and everyone had fun. Some parents even got in on the action.

J tripped on something shortly after we arrived there and she moped after that. We worried that she wasn't going to have fun, but thankfully, after a little while she finally starting bouncing again. K was all over the place and even disappeared for a little while. Big M was the oldest/biggest kid there and he set his sights on the teen party host and played with her for the most part.

After an hour of playing, we were ushered to a private room where the girls had their cake. Unfortunately, I don't have a video of that due to a senior moment. I thought I had the camera, when it wasn't. And when I turned it off, it was actually on. So instead of having a video of the girls blowing their cakes, I have a video of the floor and the wall and whatever the camera pointed on.

We had a Dora/Diego cake for everyone, and two Dora mini cakes for the girls so they each had a cake and candles to blow.

Everyone had fun!


I almost forgot... J is wearing Blue, K is wearing Pink.

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