Saturday, April 7, 2012

it is just not a perfect fit

We are not entirely happy with the girls' preschool. They can not bring outside food unless they have a doctor's note. K and J used to be allergic to milk, but they outgrew it at 3 years old. They have also done well eating school food in their old school in Texas. In fact, they have done well in this situation that due to peer pressure or other reasons they end up eating foods they don't normally eat. That is except their current school. They come home cranky with a headache. I was told by director that they do not let kids go hungry and that they offer grilled cheese sandwich. The only unfortunate thing is that they don't eat grilled cheese sandwich. Growing up not eating cheese products, it has taken them very long to get used to the taste. They now eat pizza, and J eats mozzarella string cheese, but there are cheeses she just doesn't like. K wouldn't even try any straight cheeses.

So Daddy asked his coworker where they go to preschool so I checked it out. It's a catholic school academy which educates kids up to 8th grade. We loved it. It is a classroom set up, it is everyday, and it is actually cheaper than their current school where they go 2 full days. Amazing.

Daddy talked to director about our plans to pull the girls out in 1 week. We were told we needed to give 2 weeks notice or we'd have to pay the tuition. We paid $250 for registration, they attend the school for 3 weeks, and now we have to pay for withdrawal. Not too thrilling.

I don't like that I have to pull them out and would have to make new friends, but it is the best decision all around. The school is farther, but considering all the pluses it is not worth complaining about.

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