Friday, April 13, 2012

making the kids their own space with wall decals

Renting means we can't paint personalize the kids' rooms with paint. Well, let me rephrase that, I don't want to paint it only to repaint it when we move out in a year. But the girls are wanting their own space like they used to have in our old house. It is especially important now that they are sharing a room. 

With a little research I found that RoomMates had tons of removable wall decals. Big M actually had Star Wars in his old room, I just wasn't aware that they had so many other choices. Averaging about $10 each pack, I bought a few from Amazon. The girls love them! They are removable without any sticky residue so  we can take them with us when we move out. The girls had princesses before too, but we were in such a rush to move out of our house that I didn't have to patience to stick each decal back to their paper backing. 

Little M is currently into trains so I chose Thomas for him. He is very excited by them. Big M chose Star Wars again, but he didn't put them on right away so I don't have a picture.

The bottom left is on the upstairs hallway. Poor Daddy wasn't fast enough to get his own banana.

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