Thursday, May 3, 2012

a little me time = craft time

I've been busy with a few projects lately because I've been craving "me" time. I enjoy the time I make things for the kids. I've also started a few things I haven't done before.

My crafting frenzy was kick started by this PJ for Big M. He picked out this fabric last fall and he has patiently waited this long for me to make it. It is sewn from a Simplicity 9900 pattern.

I then moved on to this dress for J. This fabric along with the one below for K, was not intended for a dress. They were intended for a PJ for the same pattern as the above, but I discovered that I had only bought 1 yard, which was not enough. With this pattern, it took a little puzzle work to make the patterns fit, but it worked out.

And true to our color coding, K has a pink one. (Though it amazes me that after almost 5 years of this color coding, Daddy still asks who is pink and who is purple.)

This embroidery is a new project for me. I have the supplies from unfinished cross-stitching from many many years ago (before we had kids). With a little internet research, I was able to find a Jake and the Neverland Pirates coloring page and that is what I embroidered. I put an "M" on the boots for some personalization. :) Little M loves this character!

With many crafty friends online and Pinterest, I kept seeing appliqué work on shirts. Some of them are being sold for some big money, so with more research I found out how to make one on my own. So here is J with a mouse ears with a bow.

This is K's version. The crown is from the dress fabric of hers pictured above. This has also gotten the ball rolling on a family shirt for our trip to Disney World. FUN!

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