Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thank God for keeping us safe.

At around 11 today, I decided to try to fry wings which I have never done before. I even looked online on how to do it. On a small sauce pan with about 2 inches of oil, I started frying the first batch of wings....frozen. It wasn't a problem until I put in a 2nd batch and trouble started. It started bubbling and immediately ignited very high into the cabinets. I grabbed the pan out of stove but the fire continued. The fire was so big, I knew there was no way for me to put it out. But I still thought about it in the seconds the followed. I thought about wetting a rag and draping it over the fire, but just as instantly as the thought came, I knew not to use water on grease fire and electric fires.

In the instant that fire ignited, I must have yelled fire because my smart sweet daughter, K, opened the door and  went outside and behind her was J. While the fire alarm was yelling, "Fire, Fire, Fire!", I saw the flames get smaller and smaller until it was gone. I got my daughters back in, and then started running around opening windows. There happen to be gardeners right outside our window that were oblivious to the fire alarm until I opened the windows. They stared at me, so I yelled, "It's ok! I was cooking and fire ignited and now there's no fire but the alarm is going!"

When the alarm finally stopped, I checked my little 2-year old on the monitor still safely napping upstairs. I was ready to grab run up and grab him but thank goodness it didn't come to that.

I am so very proud of K leading the way to go outside. I didn't ask her to do it, but she did it. That on it's own probably lessened my panic a bit, since I only had to grab Little M if I had to. Thank goodness for the grease fire dying down on it's own. Thank God for keeping us safe.

With the adrenaline rush going down a little bit, I found myself shaking. I finally picked up my phone to call hubby (he took Big M to his soccer game). The problem was, my phone turned itself off and wouldn't turn back on. What an unreliable phone I had!! Not good, especially for not having a land line.

After reassuring me, hubby "scolded" me about frying something cold/wet. He reminded me that I had once told him not to ever do that, and then here I was doing the same thing. The problem was, I had let my guard down. After the first batch of wings without a problem, I didn't think that the oil was now much hotter.

Thank you, God! Thank you, God!

I have soot to clean out from the cabinets and the wall, but there isn't any damage. The fire was big, but it was so fast, and died fairly quickly.

I am so very proud of my daughters!!! We had only talked about what to do in case of fire probably two times, since we moved here 3 months ago, and yet that was enough.

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