Monday, July 30, 2012

reflux is under control

A week after being on the Ranitidine (acid reducer),  Little M's vomiting is almost a thing of the past. Before this medicine, he would vomit on average of 4 days out of the week/3x a day. For the past week he vomited 2x and only spit up 2x. What a reduction! He is again himself with his eating habits but we are still careful not to let him too hungry and let acid build up in his stomach. At night before going to bed, we bring up a slice of bread and water, or some dry cereal so he could start munching it when he wakes (he wakes at about 6 before we're up).

I'm sure his esophagus is on the mend by now reducing his gag reflex. We have been so worried with him.

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