Saturday, July 21, 2012

Worrying takes a lot out of you

Little M has been vomiting for a long time (over a month). At first we thought it was because of asthma, since at the time everyone in the family was suffering from it. He would cough and eventually he would gag and throw up. We put him on the nebulizer and that helped. The only time he would vomit was when the coughing started up again when it was time for the next dose. But then he started vomiting at random times without coughing first. He vomited when his stomach was empty, when it was full, in the middle of the night after being awake for a bit, and right before nap time. The only fairly consistent event was right before nap. He likes to cuddle on our bed for about 10 minutes before he moves to his bed, and for a period of a few day it happened in the bed. I was getting tired of having to wash our sheets so often.

It was then that it dawned on me it could be GERD. The doctor now has prescribed 2 different medications to try (one after the other). If things don't improve after a week, then to try the next. If there is still no improvement , she would order an x ray. The first medication we were told to try helps to speed up digestion so that food isn't just sitting in the stomach , the other is one that neutralizes acid. After a couple of says with the first med, and the vomiting was the same, Daddy and I both think that the antacid would be a better choice. So we are trying that now. The vomiting is the same, and we suspect that it's because his esophagus is just so sensitive now. He vomits when there is too much in his mouth, when he had too much to drink and just this afternoon, he vomited after swallowing some pool water (much to the dismay of the life guards).

I am so worried now. It doesn't help that my baby gets so hungry. We try not to over feed him, to prevent eating to fast, and just not let him eat what he wants. It is difficult. I pray that this reflux isn't a result of anything serious. He has never suffered acid reflux as a baby which makes it worrisome now. The doctor said that it is good that there is no accompanying headache because thy rules out certain serious conditions but I am still worried.

Please God, heal my baby.

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