Wednesday, May 8, 2013

an update on little miss J

I thought I've posted these pictures, but I apparently haven't. These were taken a month ago. Miss J's teacher took a long leave of absence a couple of months ago because of a family tragedy, and so Miss J didn't receive her report card. We already knew, though, that she's doing well with her reading. She isn't quite reading as fluidly as K, but she is sounding out her words. Miss K being a bit advance got me thinking of the difference in teaching style of their teachers. Miss K comes home with reading homework and must answer questions about the book, she also has math homework and comes home with interesting songs. Miss J has no homework, though she has monthly projects that is geared for her to spend time with us as a family. We never minded the difference, until now.

It also got me thinking that it may always be like this. One will the great teacher, and one that is not so great. I'm just hoping that maybe the same one doesn't always get the great one. It's a little sad, especially that I am not getting to spend as much time to spend to help her. I try to help her with her reading, but my time is inconsistent. I'm hoping that next school year, we will be more organized in our new home, and in the kids' new school.

Miss J and K also started soccer for the first time. They were very gung-ho about it and asked me repeatedly when it would start. After it started, they were both excited. Last week when we took Big M to his soccer practice (we had to meet Daddy there as he was late leaving work), I let the kids play their ball on the side. Miss J dribbled that ball with a focus that we have never seen her have before. Daddy and I were awe-struck. She couldn't do her dribbling in her own soccer practice because of all the kids around her but it's something she could develop. It was great to see.

We have been nonstop as far as after-school activities, but this last couple of months is going to be just purely insane.

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