Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blue & Gold dinner

Big M had his Blue & Gold scout dinner this weekend. Though most of his scout activities has fallen on Daddy's shoulders, I wanted the whole family to attend. It was a nice buffet at a country club restaurant. The kids got to dress up a tiny bit, and celebrate Big M's accomplishments over the year. It was great, great food, not too long, the scouts had fun.

It was fun to realize that between all 4 of my children, we know quite a lot of people. Actually, let me rephrase that, my CHILDREN (not me) know a lot of people. :) Daddy has made quite a lot of connections between Soccer and Scouts, and the girls have made connections at school and dance. The little one, for some reason, know more people than I do. I don't understand how that happened being that he's pretty much attached to my hip, but he has best friends everywhere.

I asked Daddy before we moved here to NY that we must stay in one place longer than our track record so far. Though I know that sometimes it is out of our hands, it would be great to lay down some roots. Lately, we have been realizing that we are doing that. Finally. It makes me happy, and it makes the kids happy.

Anyway, the kids are sporting mommy-creations to this event. The girls are wearing boleros that they were quite excited about. I think it was because it was "fancy" as they say (the fabric has glitter) and it looks like a rock star outfit. I also made their capri leggings (something I've been doing a lot - making pants - as I am finding out that all of their pants from last summer do not fit). Little M is sporting a reversible vest that he loves and matching pants. He got quite a few compliments at the dinner. The only thing who wasn't wearing something I created was Big M. Although, I did alter the length of those pants back in October. It has never been worn since this weekend and we quickly realized how much taller he has gotten since then. The pants was about 1-2 inches too short.

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