Monday, December 30, 2013

Endoscopy #2 and Colonoscopy

Little had his 2nd endoscopy a couple of days ago and colonoscopy. After a failed attempt a week and a half ago, it finally happened successfully. We did not do the magnesium citrate route this time around, and opted for Miralax and a slower approached (one extra day). It worked out so much better. He didn't even notice what he was drinking. As always, it was tough to deny him food though.

There was a marked difference in my attitude toward these procedures. I was not worried on the drive over; I was much more relaxed. We came a little early so we had to keep each other company. This time, the attending anesthesiologist was a pediatric one and she remembered Little M from his first endoscopy. She said, "I remember you! You were the very good little boy!" As was the case before, everyone was impressed how good he takes his needles. The one nurse I left him with the first time in order to eat quickly was there, and she too remembered Little M. He remembers her as the nurse who played cars with him and that always lost. 

I accompanied Little M to the OR and only left when he was given Propofol to fall asleep. The endoscopy alone lasted about 15-20 the first time so I was expecting at least that amount of time. Our GI told me that the time for the colonoscopy would depend on if and how many polyps he finds because he would have to remove them. 

I was keeping an eye on my watch closely, and at 25 minutes later I saw my brave little guy being wheeled out. Imagine my surprise and I knew exactly what it meant. It meant that there wasn't much found! The anesthesiologist told me that everything looked good on her end, but she was going to have to let the GI talk to me, but that it looked good.

Little M was brought to the PACU (because he was young) in order to recover. It took him longer to wake up this time around. The GI told me that his esophagus looked good and that we are at baseline for his eosinophilic esophagitis and that his colon was clean - no polyps. He apologized that we needed to do the colonoscopy based on his consult with the expert when the other doctor told him that the polyp found in small intestine was juvenile polyp, but at least now we know he doesn't have it. Thank you, GOD!  We have to continue dealing with the EOE but at least we have no 2nd problem to worry about.

We won't know his eosinophilic white blood cell counts from the biopsies until our follow up visit and at that time the GI said we have a lot to talk about. Having researched Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Daddy and I already know what we want to do. We are going ahead with food trials based on food avoidance of the top 6-8 food allergies. We have come this far to leave Little M with a "patch" solution. He can eat whatever wants with the current medication but it is not a long term answer. We need to do our best to identify what his body is rejecting in order to avoid whatever it is/they are. Based on others who are going through this terrible disease, we will find many hiccups but we have to remain positive. 

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