Monday, December 16, 2013

Ten and a half inches of snow fun

We had our first big snow storm this weekend and the kids were besides themselves to play on that white magic. Daddy was also excited to use his new toy.

The kids treat the snow as if it's not cold and wet. But I guess if you're wearing snow pants everything is ok. 

Big M was so very enthusiastic about helping clean out the cars. He is such a big help.

Daddy with his new toy. Bring on the snow! Notice the roof. That's bound to come down some time.

The kids started playing in the back to dig out their play house. 

Everyone was begging to go to the park to go sledding. But Mommy and Daddy had no energy left after being out in this stuff for 2 hours. Thankfully they were amused by the custom slide they made in the deck using the steps.

The snow was so powdery we couldn't make a decent snow man, or a slide. So they slid down the drive way.

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