Friday, December 13, 2013

endoscopy and colonoscopy that didn't happen

The day started early with a nebulizer treatment of budesonide and albuterol. An hour later the fight began to get him to drink 2 oz of magnesium citrate. And yes, it was a fight. After of half an our of struggling and going nowhere, I prayed it was ok to just skip it and headed 2-hours south to the hospital.

The road was long, Little M was busy with his movie and I was left to stew on my own fear and worries. Tears, panic, ugly thoughts, horrible thoughts came and went.

Little M was prepped, I was asked a million questions. He was brave with the IV, but it was just not meant to be. The anesthesiologist didn't feel that proceeding with the colonoscopy and endoscopy was the right thing to do because of his cold and asthma. I covered my bases and said I mentioned this 2 days ago to the doctor's nurse and we were told it was ok. But ultimately, the person was a nurse and not an anesthesiologist. Everyone was apologetic and disappointed especially upon hearing that we drove from Albany.

I was ok. I'm tired, starved, but not as starved as Little M who hadn't eaten anything but juices since yesterday morning. I am thankful because I think this happened for a good reason. Everything happens for a reason and I will leave it at that. God has a reason. Until next time.

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