Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day is so much fun, it should be everyday!

Here are my Mother's Day gifts.


Big M even read his sweet little note to me. J & K's gift is a very appropriate poem. There are tons of hand prints on the walls that that drive me nuts, but they are prints that will fade away just as the prints will. I need to appreciate the now and see the messes they make for what they are - a fun snapshot of their life.

Of course, Little M's gift is Little M. He is healthy and that's all that he needs to be right now. Though his one month check up today was not to his doctor's satisfaction. Today he weighed in at 10 lbs 2 oz. The pediatrician said that at one month, they like babies to have gained 2 lbs from their birth weight, so Little M is behind by 6 oz. He asked if I could pump, which sounded strange to me since I am exclusively breastfeeding. If I needed to pump to give him extra milk, why couldn't he just get it straight from the source? I a torn at the moment on whether to take this weight issue to heart, especially since Little M has been nursing every hour for a few days now. But I guess I can give him one formula feeding a day since the hospital sent us home with a few bottles.

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  1. Hey Izzy! Just found this blog here.... Don't be discouraged - with R I racked myself with guilt because he hadn't put on quite the amount of weight each time that they expected. Finally a friend reassured me that the "required" weight gains are a guideline only - and so long as they are feeding regularly, doing wet nappies and growing not to worry so much.

    As far as expressing goes - if you are feeding hourly how would you fit it in? I would be sticking with what you are doing and feeding as he needs it. Perhaps they are trying to boost your milk supply by expressing? But surely he can do that if he needs it - and after feeding twins it's not likely that you don't have 'enough' is it? I'm just wary of using formula as I know it can interfere with feeding - though I did it with R for a few months so I know it doesn't have to.

    In short, be encouraged, keep doing what you are doing as you are a great mum and I'm sure your instincts are strong.