Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring Program


K is the one with a hair part right on the middle, and J is the one with a white bow on her head (with pink shoes).

The girls' school has their Spring Program on Friday and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish all preschools would present their kids like this at least once a year. There is just something about the off-key singing and wild movement of little ones that can put a smile in your face and make you beam with overwhelming pride for your kids.

Notice K and J are pretty much the only one yelling something to the song (I don't know what they're saying though). J then notices the microphones and want to touch them, but her teacher tells her no. And then there is of course the unmistakable mope. Watch out for their teacher's response - she droops her head and laughs. You can tell by the teacher's reaction that the moping is not an isolated response.

This is the last performance by everyone. It was a joy to watch the 1 year olds up to the 5 year olds.

Apologies for the shaky hand. I was wearing Little M and I was standing up so that I didn't videotape everyone else's heads and I was zoomed in since I was sitting in the back.

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