Saturday, October 30, 2010

Little M's 6-month check-up

Little M's 6-month stats:

Head: 17 1/4 in (50th percentile)
Height: 26 1/2 in (50th percentile)
Weight: 19 lbs (75th percentile)

He definitely leveled out from his 4-month check . All his wiggliness has caught up to him, even though he has started eating solids! In mid September, he had his first rice cereal with soy formula. The doctor suspects that his eczema may be exacerbated by milk and advised me to stop drinking milk for a while and observe any change. With this in mind, his first cereal was with soy formula. I didn't really want to dig for my breast pump just to use breastmilk on the cereal. Call me lazy. The cereal with soy formula was a success though it didn't last long. When the soy formula expired, I bought regular milk-based formula. That was not a good idea. Within minutes of eating (he didn't like it anyway), he developed a welt on his mouth. After that, he didn't really like baby cereal anymore, not even with water.

I bought carrots baby food and with the initial what-the-heck-are-you-feeding-me reaction, he actually liked it. A few days of that and then on to peas. So now, he's on to a few other veggies and loved all of them so far. Though now, I'm having a hard time finding one veggie ingredient baby food. We may start mixing fruit in pretty soon.

Oh, Little M started with just a few teaspoons once a day. Now he's up to 2x a day, and now he can eat half a bottle! Good golly. So with all that extra source of calories and still leveling out in his growth chart, no wonder he's back to waking up 3x a night. I thought it was because he was teething, which it may have started out that way, but after a month I thought something was up. This definitely explains it.

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