Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Buddy Bear was a guest at our house this weekend. He spends the weekend with those that are currently the Kindergarten's Star Student of the Week. Big M showed him the Halloween decoration in our front yard on the way to church this morning.

Then as soon as it got dark, we went trick or treating! We left a full bowl of candy in our front yard. We had to fill it up 3x.

When Snow White and Tinker Bell, and the little Monkey got tired we went back home. Big M and Daddy went to a few more houses.

Little Monkey was very good until he became very very tired.

This is a first time Daddy and I dressed up for the Halloween. We all definitely enjoyed ourselves! I looked a little scary though. Instead of buying white make-up, Daddy picked up a make-up base for me. It was waxy and my hair kept sticking to it. But I made do. The girls loved my red lips.

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