Friday, October 29, 2010

star student of the week

On Friday, as Big M approaches the minivan in the carpool lane, I noticed he had one extra backpack with him. I knew exactly what that meant. He was was the star student for the next week. He had a big smile in his face, and so did I.

Stat student is based on excellent behavior at school and so far since it started at the begging of the school year, they have been all girls. Every Friday, I ask Big M who has been chosen the star student. One Friday, he said, "Mommy, you will be so disappointed! Boys can't be star student!" I reassured him that wasn't true but he seemed to think so regardless.

He is actually the first boy to become one for this year and it just makes it doubly exciting! As a star student of the week, he gets to have a poster that he made up on the Kindergarten class hallway for all to see. He has use of a special backpack, bring a favorite toy, show his hobby/collection, tell everyone his favorite things to do and share his favorite book for the week.

On the way home, he just had to call his Daddy the special news. He worked hard for it and he deserves it.


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