Sunday, October 10, 2010

'mom vs the weeds' project

When we were looking for a house last spring, we wanted a decent yard that goes with the nice house. Unfortunately, it rarely came with both. When we found our house, it had an ok sized yard, but it had a play structure so we new it would work for us. The play structure had rubber mulch, but it also had weeds. While we were slowly moving, I tried to pull some of them in order to get them play-ready when we were completely moved. I found out it wasn't that easy.

The weeds had extensive web of roots. Pulling what came out easily wasn't going to cut it, and that it was going to be a big job with the temperature above 100. The hot weather meant the kids wasn't going to be out there anyway, so I only weeded when I could, which meant every few weeks.

But now that the cooler whether is here, I have decided to resume weeding. The grass is starting to yellow, which I'm hoping means the weeds wouldn't be growing as fast. So with my weapons of choice, I have decided to weed 30 minutes at a time at least once a week. It doesn't sound very much, but that's all I can manage. The inside of the house isn't all that well managed, so I can only steal time here and there.

So this is my project - "mom vs the weeds". My timeline isn't ambitious. I just want it cleared most of the way by next spring. The playground covers a 3rd of the backyard so I need to keep it usable. I will periodically update of my progress.

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