Sunday, August 12, 2012

Birthday weekend

For my birthday weekend, I wanted the whole family to go to Six Flags. The high was 88; compared to the Texas heat it is a cold front. However, it just zapped everyone of their energy and whining stared early. Thankfully, the kids recovered and we all had fun, (except for the vomiting Little M did in the car on the way home).

Little M hugged all the characters we saw, except Big Foot. Big Foot started blowing air through his nostrils and ruined it for him; even the girls were cared as I evident in the photo.

Little M also loved roller coasters. After riding a roller coaster designed for kids, a father got off muttering to himself and everyone listening that this coaster should be removed as it was not designed for kids. The coaster was fast enough to whiplash kids. It was fast and furious enough to knock the sunglasses I had propped on my head. Little M loved it though. He was giggling and squealing the entire time. I held on to him to cushion his head, but ungrateful boy wanted none of it. Daddy ride with him on a log flume ride and also reported a lot of squealing.

The boy is a daredevil.

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