Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Big M and I took a trip to NYC for the weekend to meet up with 2 of my friends (one flew from Chicago and the other from LA) to go sightseeing. We took the train for a very comfortable 2.5 hr ride. We stayed at a hotel in Time Square and walked and used the subway to get around. It was a great short weekend to take some of NYC in.

We took the ferry to liberty island and Ellis Island. Big M took all information in that the ranger recited. I took him away to take a picture and it elicited a tantrum and a half when the group started walking without him.

We planned on seeing the 9/11 memorial but only made it to the preview memorial across the street as all the passes for the day have been sold out. The preview was full of giant posters of the timeline and pictures of that day. I tried to explain to Big M the events but couldn't help my voice from breaking. I think it was for the best that I couldn't get through it because he started feeling depressed. It is too much for a 7yr old who has an enormous capacity for empathy.

We walked through Chinatown to buy some gifts for the girls and ate lung there. We had Gelato and cannoli at Little Italy.

It was an awesome experience. We can't wait to bring everyone there for a family experience.

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