Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mod podge wooden crate

Mod podge seem to be a big thing with crafters so I thought I would share my own. I made this over 10 years ago before I even knew what wonderful things mod podge could do.

I bought the wooden crate at Michael's and thought I would make something for my bookworm husband. I photo copied some of the books (cover) I thought were his favorites. I printed them in regular paper which turned out awesome. As I was applying mod podge, some colors started bleeding which gave it an old antiqued look. I slathered a lot mod podge into sections. I didn't need to finish the entire thing at once. When the whole thing was finished and dry I brushed (using foam brush) more on the entire thing for good measure.

To this day, this is my hubby's favorite. I bought one more crate for my son who loves Lego. I went online to print out Lego pictures and did the same thing. Unfortunately haven't finished it years later because now I have 4 kids. Life happens. :)

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