Friday, October 12, 2012

The bravest guy I know

After countless phone calls to the insurance and doctor offices, Little M finally had his x-ray this morning. He was told to fast from midnight on, which was hard in a 2-yr old. We checked in at the hospital, got dressed on a gown and then on to the x-ray. He had to drink barium. The techs asked if he could drink from a straw, but I said the real problem is whether he would keep drinking the stuff. One tech said it wasn't that bad. I say, tell that to a 2-yr old.

In comes a doctor who seemed to be more adept to dealing with a little person. He ordered chocolate flavoring and the sipping began. But who can expect a kid to keep guzzling that stuff? He sipped it like fine tea, which apparently was cutting it. The divot called out for a syringe to connect to a straw so that the tech could push the liquid quicker. It worked well, even though Little M spit some of it.

Then the platform he was standing on was tilted into a table. I talked to Little M to pretend it was a spaceship, and it worked. I even got a smile. While laying down, he was made to turn this way, that way, arms up, arms down, turn to the tummy and back again. He did everything with a peep. The doctor asked me to ask him to cough several times and he did. He did great!

When it was over the doctor showed me the pictures. He explained that there was nothing anatomically wrong with my baby. He did have reflux, but at least this was a big cross out of our list.

We walked back to the car, and as soon as we were buckled in I called Daddy. All I could utter was that there was nothing wring with Little M's anatomy before emotions spilled out and ate blocked my words. I had no idea I was even keeping these worries in until they escaped. Hallelujah, thank you God! Thank you, thank you, thank you! There were prayers answered, worries erased and things events that were forgotten. All that mattered was that my baby was ok. We still had TI figure out why he keeps vomiting but we worry about that later.

I took my small guy to McD for breakfast afterward. He ate 2 1/2 hash browns and it was perfect. He talked to everyone, smiled at everyone, and wandered the floor. It was perfect.

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